Master Cylinder Repair


29 May 2007

Again at one of the first test drives of the season my brakes failed. This time on my 58 convertible. Localized the fault to the master cylinder. Symptoms where something like this,  after a couple of days standing in garage the brake fluid reservoir was almost empty and lots of fluid traces on the garage floor. When trying to drive the car (don´t recommend this now after knowing the cause) after venting the master cylinder the brakes felt “mushy” and the brakepedal at one time went all the way to the floor. Relatively unsafe and scary !!

Below is a pictoral description of the repair. Credits to KS Import which supplied the correct parts with one days notice via mailorder. GREAT  SERVICE  — RECOMMENDED!!! If you´d like some detailed answers or tips pls contact me by email.

Click on thumbnail and you´ll get a larger size photo and slideshow.