Ignition lock exchange

27 July 2010

My Cadillac 1958 Convertible Repairs


I decided to exchange my original ignition key lock that was very worn and made it possible to start my Cadillac with about anything that could be pushed into the key opening.

If I had known how easy it is to remove the key tumbler without removing the complete ignition lock I would have saved me about an hour of work.

To save anyone else this waste of time I below show how this is done.

To remove (in any case this is the way it worked for me) insert the key turn counterclockwise to the ACC position and insert a thin wire eg. a paperclip into the hole in the lock tumbler

If the tumbler have more than one hole you feel a little spring load in the correct one as you depress the pin to release the tumbler. Then it´s easy to remove the tumbler as shown below.

After this it is just to insert the new tumbler and turn it into it´s position and it locks itself into position. Easy job when you know how it´s done.