Clock repair II


My Cadillac 1960 Coupe de Ville Repairs


14 May 2005

Clock repair II

Finally decided to replace my old clock mechanism with the burnt coil with a modern quartz clock motor. Investigated buying a rebuilt or NOS clock but was too difficult to find here and the ones you see is to expensive. Also heard that to get a professional repair and renovating of my old one could cost up to $150,- !!

Then heard rumours about people that replaced the old clock machinery with modern quartz clock motor battery powered and that sounded like a good idea. (Some have even replaced with the radio controlled type that corrects the time by a radio sender located somewhere in Europe, that's cool !

However I bought a quartz clock motor from my favorite gadget shop Clas Ohlson in Gothenburg, cost about $7 incl battery holder and clock hands (that I had to remake and paint to look like the old Cadillac ones). Started to disassemble the old clock and rebuilt according to the below pictures. After about 1,5 hour the rebuilt clock sat in the car now ticking away and also keeping the correct time contrary to the old one. One note I had to delete the clock rear cover as the quartz machinery wouldn't fit but it worked anyway.